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Plus, companies that enroll in Ripoff Report’s advocacy program are alerted of potentially injurious reviews before they go live.

If the business can craft a mollifying solution—and sufficient mea culpa—the bad report never posts.

If you want to file a libel claim over an ROR user post or comment, you must sue the person who made the statement(s), not the companies that facilitated the publishing process (website platform, hosts, registrars, et cetera).

And no, you can’t sue Google because its search algorithm includes snippets from websites.

Ripoff Report maintains an in-house dispute resolution program (separate and apart from its VIP arbitration Program) that may be helpful to some businesses.


I filed in Federal Court Fraud, And Oregon Deceptive Trade Practices.

Following, if a search engine removes a page from its index, the likelihood of potential client finding it diminishes nine-fold.


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