Bi sexual chats


Our community is very active and has been online for over twelve years. We have plenty of light hearted and fun chill-out areas. When we started we were absolutely amazed by the response.

There are obviously a lot of women feeling like us out there.

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You'll meet many others just like you in our support forums.Or wondering how to 'fit' their bisexuality into their day to day lives ?


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    La mayoría de las veces era el narrador (rapsoda, aeda, juglar) quien en función de sus intereses la deformaba de una u otra forma.

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    My husband would enjoy being by my side bending over digging through the sand and running from waves, all for sea glass. We're fascinated over knowing each piece has a history. Journal: Hi Kalani and thanks for sharing your wonderful find!

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    ' Thus he went on rending his garments and weeping, ‘Where are you, O son of Lakisha, where are you, O son of Lakisha? Thereupon the Rabbis prayed for him, and he died.” This sad story echoes that of the 40-year rupture between Rav Huna and Rav Chisda. There, too, an obscure argument about the laws of purity and impurity led to a terrible fight that led to the excommunication of Rabbi Eliezer and the death of Rabban Gamliel (see here).

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