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I collect photos and idea on Pinterest even if I’m not prepping for a set, because then when I do want something I can go looking for it.

So, I have a whole board devoted to Post-Apocalyptic clothing. After Wenesday’s post about Paper Doll Principles, I noticed a lot of people asked how I came up with ideas.

I was coloring her and I thought, I should give her blue hair. I am actually quite pleased how the blue hair came out. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blue, but I fear I am long past the point in my work life where I could get away with blue hair.

Though at times it seems to me that this would be obvious, most people (myself included) aren’t very familiar with the dynasties of China, let alone what they were wearing.Last Monday, I posted today’s male paper doll set in black and white.Today, Mikhail is up in color with his world ending fashion statements.Far more often, I would design my own stories to be told with the paper dolls.


Now that I’m an adult, or so people tell me, my paper dolls don’t have the same sorts of stories.

Something about desert wastes always makes me think about machetes. Also, why is it that in post-apacolyptic movies it’s always a desert? Instead, I settled on a purple and blue color scheme with beige as my neutral. Xavier is the third paper doll in the Sprite paper doll series.


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