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They were a perfect example of opposites attracting.'You've got two completely opposite people who function differently,' says Jenna.


With picks from the likes AX Paris, In The Style, New Look and a luxury pick by Anna Sui, you'll be spoiled for choice!Actress Jenna Coleman is hurling a hairbrush through the air at her real-life boyfriend Tom Hughes.The tension between them is so blistering that she has seized the nearest missile — and before he has time to side-step it, the brush has hit him hard.'They believed that when women had babies, they should lie horizontal for a month after the birth.

She is not in the best of tempers having been fussed over during that time.

'She feels imprisoned by it after only just regaining her independence.'The general view nowadays is that Victoria was hardly a doting mother, but Jenna disagrees. But one of the misconceptions about Victoria is that she doesn't like her children.'That isn't really true, as a lot of those comments came later in life when she talks about how the children ruined her first two years of marriage and how she wishes she hadn't got pregnant so soon.'But if you go through her diary, day to day, she really is a doting mum, and I was keen to show that side of her.'Series writer and creator Daisy Goodwin adds: 'What Victoria really wanted was to have time to enjoy life with Albert as his wife.'We know that she enjoyed sex —she wanted her honeymoon to go on for longer — and yet she was instantly pregnant.


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