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K.) newspapers, 12:3 statistics, 11:8 United Media, KM1:1 United Nations, 11:6 Universal Press Syndicate, KM1:1 Unwanted Gaze, The (Rosen), 12:7 URLs, relevance and, 11:3 U. Business-focused IT provider, Big Air (ASX: BGL), has taken a step closer to joining forces with telecommunications provider, Superloop (SLC), after the company’s shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposed acquisition.See Collaborative Digital Reference Service (CDRS) CEDROM-SNi, 5.45 Cen Stats (U. Census), 9:5 Census data, economic data, Census Economic Briefing Room, 9:5 Center for Democracy and Technology, 12:7 Center for Instructional Technology , University of Texas, Austin, 7:7 Center for Media & Democracy, 4:5 CEO Express, 8.6 Chan, Dan, 11:4 "Changing Information Access; Privacy, and Ethics," Chile statistics, 11:6 China newspapers, 12:2 statistics, 11:6 China Business Review, 12:2 China Daily, 12:2 CI-Watch, 11:4 clearinghouses expert sites, 1:6 "Clicking on Courts to Dig up Dockets," Click, 2:7 CNEWS, 5.45 CNN Asian version, 12:3 Europe version, 12:3 Code of Ethics of the Association of Internet Researchers, 12:8 Coker, Mark, 1:2 Collaborative Digital Reference Service (CDRS), Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, 6.7 Commercial Alert, 9:1 commodity trade Census data, 3:7 communication industry statistics, 10:5 Community Learning Network, 1:6 Company Boardroom, 1:2, 1:4 Company Capsules (Hoovers Online), 7:5 Company Data Direct/International (FSIonline), 2:4 Company Data Direct/US (FSIonline), 2:4, 2:5 company directories company rankings, 4.8 Corporate, 4.8 Hoovers Online, 4.8 Company Finder (One Source Business Browser), 5.6 company home pages finding private company information on, 8:5 Company Profiler (One Source Business Browser), 5.6 company profile sites finding private company information on, 7:1, 7:3 company research Census data statistics, 3:6 via discussion group monitoring, via Weblog monitoring, "Comparing Services That Track Net Discussions--Part 1," Competia Academy, 3:4, 3:5 competitive intelligence (CI), distance learning, 3:4, 3:5 ethical issues in, 3:3 Internet sources of, 3:3 skill development, 3:4 Complete Planet, 6.3, 6.5 conceptual searches on FSIonline, 2:4 Connect (Media Xpress), KM1:4 consumer protection laws search engines and, Content! Direct (Screaming Media), KM1:4 "Content Request" (Knowledge Mail), KM4:2 cookies, 12:6 "Coping with Information Overload" (seminar), 2:6 Corporate, 4.8, 8:6 Corrier Della Serra, 12:3 Country Profiles on FSIonline, 2:5 country research BUBL Country Studies, 4.8 Corporate, 4.8 County Business Patterns (U. Bureau of the Census), 3:1 "Coup --no make that two--Coups for Google, A," 3:8 court dockets electronic access to, electronic conversion, 8:1 searchable docket tracking system, 8:3 U. K.), 12:3 Daily Tribune (Bangladesh), 12:2 Dare to Share (Web site), KM2:4 data defined, 5.2 Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century (Garfinkel), 12:6 databases directories of, 6.35 fee-based, free, 6.35, international newspapers, Davenport, Thomas H., 9:7 Dawn (Pakistan), 12:3 Day Pop, , 11:2, 11:4 "Day Pop, Weblogs, Bloggers--Is This Serious News," Deep Canyon, 1:7 Deja News Usenet archives, 3:8, 4:7, 10:1 Denmark newspapers, 12:2 Denton, Nick, 2:1 Detwiler, Susan M., 2:7 Dialog Bluesheets, 6.3 competitive intelligence databases, 3:4 Dial Index, 10:6 Dial Units 10:6 File 230, 6.3 File 545, 4.4 File 745, 4:4 finding research reports on, 10:6 World Reporter, 12:1, 12:5 Dialog Select, 4:4 Diamond, Cindy, 8:3 Diaz, Jos, 8:3 Die Presse, 12:2 Direct Access, 8:1 Direct Hit search results ethics, 9:1 directories. company profiles, 7:4 Who Owns Whom, 7.6 Dunning, Andrew, KM4:2 earnings reports webcast, 1:1 economic census data, 3:6 Comparative Statistics, Economic Census (1997), 9:4 Data, Economic Census (1997), 9:4 finding on the Web, Summary Statistics for the U.See also phone directories charges for business listings, 1:7 print-based, on the Web, 7:1, 7:3, 7:6 types of, 7:3 Directory of Corporate Affiliations, 7:3, 7:6, 4:5 features, 4:6 direct search (Web site), 6.3, 6.5 Disaster Response Information Portal (Special Libraries Association), 12:8 Disclosure database (Global Access 4.0), 2:8 discussion groups archives, 3.8, 4.7, 10.1 competitive intelligence and, 3:3 as information sources, 4.7, 10:1 monitoring, , mood analysis of, 10:2 privacy issues, 12:8 for private company information, 8:5 searching, on Google, 4.7 self-correcting nature of, 11:4 September 11 attacks and, distance learning competitive intelligence programs, 3:4 finding courses, 7:7 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Research (Breen and Blackenship), 6.2 domain name registers finding private company information via, 8:5 Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper (Baker), 6.7 Dow Jones Interactive (DJI), KM2:1 Custom Clips, KM2:1, KM2:2 international news, Drexel University, 3:4, 3:5 Dun & Bradstreet Business Background Report, 7:4 Business Information Report, 7:4 Comprehensive Report, 7:4 directories, 7:3 Key Business Ratios, 7.6 Million Dollar Directory, 7.1, 7.6 Million Dollar Directory Plus, 2:8 Regional Business Directories (U. S., Economic Census (1997), 9:5 economic information briefings, 3:6 Census data, 3:6, Economics and Statistics Administration, 9:4 Economic Surveys, 9:4 Economic Times (India), 12:3 Economist, The (U.The publicly-listed managed services, network infrastructure and cloud-based solutions provider said that 99.45 per cent of shareholder votes cast at a meeting in Sydney on 7 December were in favour of the deal.The proposed merger, first announced in September, sees Superloop acquire 100 per cent of Big Air’s shares in a scheme of arrangement.Stand (Screaming Media), KM1:4 News Trawler, 2:2 news wires news aggregator and, 2:2, 2:3 New York Times online vs. company profiles (Dun & Bradstreet) features, 7:4 U.

See also Web company concerns about negative information on, 10:1 competitive intelligence and, employee use monitoring, 12:6 human guidance on, 5.2 information credibility, limitations for researchers, 5.2 public attitudes toward, 9:3 value for researchers, 5.2 Internet Age of Competitive Intelligence, The (Mc Gonagle), 3:4 Internet Blue Pages: The Guide to Federal Government Web Sites (Andriot), 2:7 "Internet Discussion Monitoring Service Features," "Internet Information Competitive Intelligence," intranet concurrent-seat pricing, KM3:2 content pricing, KM content suppliers, KM, KM enterprise-wide licenses, KM3:2, 2:2 tracking market research report purchases, 8.7 "inurl" command, finding PDF files with, 3:8 Investext investment research reports, PDF files, 4:4 "Investext on Dialog: Old Favorite, New Options," 4:4 Investigative Reporters and Editors Association (IRE), 11:4 investment research reports, Investext, Multex, 2:8, "Investment Research Reports for Information Pros," Investor Broadcast Network, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 "invisible Web," 6.3, 6.5 searching, 11:3 Invisible Web, The (Sherman and Price), 11:3 Invisible, 6.4, 6.5, 7:2 I-Price, KM3:1, M3:4 Iran statistics, 11:7 Ireland newspapers, 12:3 statistics, 11:7 Irish Times, 12:3 "Is Google Still King of the Search Engine World? Com, 12:7 Wired News news aggregators and, 2:2 Wise Nut, 10:8 Wolff, Cindi, 12:6 Woodward, Stan, 1:2, 1:3 World Bank, 7:8 World Lecture Hall, The, 7:7 World News Connection (WNC), 12:2 World Press Review, 12:3 World Reporter (Dialog), 12:1, 12:5 Worldscope database (Global Access 4.0), 2:8 Wurman, Saul, 9:6 Yahoo!

", 6.8 NRC Handelsblad, 12:3 "Of Search Engines, Commercialism and Ethics," Old, John, KM4:1 OMB Watch, 12:6 One Source Information Services Business Browser, 5.1, 5.67 history of, 5.1 "One Source--The Name Tells it Like it is," 5.1, 5.67 online advertising, 2:7 Online Inc., KM3:4 online marketing, 2:7 "On the Web, Everything's Relevant," 7.23 Organization Charts (Gale Group), 7.6 OSHA industry profiles, 3:2 Ottawa Citizen Online, The, 5.45 Outsell Inc., KM3:1, KM3:4 Ownership Analytics database (Global Access 4.0), 2:8 PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), features, 8:2 paid inclusion sites, Pakistan newspapers, 12:3 patent searches finding private company information via, 8:6 PDF files of Investext reports, on Dialog, 4.4 limiting searches to, 11:3 search engine retrieval of, 3:8, 4:7, 10:8 peer analysis on FSIonline, 2:5 on Global Access 4.0, 2:8 Pennsylvania, University of Lippincott Library, 5.2, 8:6 PENTA Advisory Services, 8:3 people, searching for, 7:8 "personal journalism," 11:1 Peru statistics, 11:6 Peterson's directory of distance learning courses, 7:7 Philippines newspapers, 12:3 statistics, 11:8 phone directories Google as, 1:8 poll-taking on the Web, 6.12 population statistics Census data, 3:7 Portal B, 1:8, 7:2 Portugal statistics, 11:8 Power Point slide presentations, on webcasts, 1:1 press releases, about webcasts, 1:2 press wires, 1:2 Price, Gary, 6.3, 11:2, 11:3 Primark Global Access 4.0, 2:8, 5.7 print directories on the Web finding private company information in, 7:1, 7:3 privacy issues business research and, 12:7a8 discussion groups, 12:8 September 11 attacks and, Privacy.


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    Amateur Allure was conceived and launched in 1999 with a primary focus on producing the highest quality movies and photos on the internet. Everybody is welcome, everybody is free to do anything he or she desire.

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    "Building Our To-Read Lists: Book Speed Dating" by Sharp Read-- Same concept with younger students.

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    The authors set out to assemble and review the psychology and related research and literature for the past 10 years, with special attention to strengths, challenges, and choices within the contexts of girls' lives.

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    And that is what makes JDate a great site – you can browse and find many Jewish girls there from across the country and even halfway around the world!

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