Dating a woman with schizophrenia


As a child he was institutionalized becasue of this and once they figured out how to treat him and put him on meds- he lives a normal life. He has never heard "devil" voices like I have read of many people hearing. Being schizo-effective or schizophrenic doesn't always mean that they are slow... It took us a LLLOOOTTTT of work but we are very happy. Not because I'm scared he'll lash out of act crazy but he gets sick if he doesn't take it. Hi Booneswifey, I agree with you wholeheartedly...... My husband is the most adorable and loving man, unless he doesn't take his meds.As long as he takes his meds he does not have any "episodes". my husband has a quicker reaction than anyone I know... I make sure he takes his meds every night and we're alright. I used to let him take care of it but found that most of the time, he would "forget" to take them.When I am with him, i notice more attention deficit type behaviors than any type of "schizophrenic" behavior, but then I am not sure what schiz. He gets distracted very easily and sometimes it can be annoying because we can never get anywhere on time.The meds he's TOLD me he's on are Seroquel, Adderal, Trazedone, Klonipin and Cymbalta.but if a person scares you wether they are sick or not it's best to leave the relationship I was in an abusive marriage and I wish I had gotten out at the first signs of trouble.. The guy is adorable,not like other guys but he lives far away!The only real difference between what you have said and the guy I like is that he is not heavily sedated.He takes meds and sees a professional every couple weeks.


I want to continue this relationship, I am just scared. I am needy and in need of love, but I wonder what price I am willing to pay.

I asked him what kinds of things "happend" with him.


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