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Twelve warships with 1300 men on board were lost in sight of land, Eddystone lighthouse was destroyed and practically all shipping in the Thames was destroyed or damaged.

In London alone, 22 people were drowned, 21 people were killed and 200 injured by falling and flying debris.

Outstandingly dry: the annual rainfall at Upminster (Essex) was some 11.25 inches (or 286 mm) which is about half of the average during the first half of the 20th century. Severe frost from 24th November(OS) to 9th February(OS). The Thames was completely frozen for about two months during this severe winter: a frost fair was held on the river - however, remember that the 'old' London Bridge would have restricted the river flow considerably and allowed such ice to form readily [see note at the introduction to these records].

(These low values were not beaten until 1921 q.v.) The extended dry weather was noted elsewhere across England & Ireland, and in Ulster, where a 'severe drought' is said to have lasted from 1714 to 1719, it is thought that the adverse conditions for agriculture led to a major migration of Ulster-Scots from there to North America, specifically to Pennsylvania. 25th January: ice on Thames in London lifted by some 14ft (~ 4.3m) by a flood tide but did not break.

Great damage was done to shipping, with many deaths.

Onshore, there was considerable loss of / damage to property in the Brighton (Sussex) area. This was a severe winter: the frost lasted for over three months (December - March) and the temperature fell (location unspecified) to 0deg F (or -18deg C).

); some fog in February.24th/25th December(NS): According to Hubert Lamb, this was 'one of the greatest historically recorded storm disasters on the coasts of the North Sea in terms of loss of life - possibly since the beginning of major dyke building.' About 11 000 people are reported to have died, with the death toll especially high in Germany - there was also a great loss of livestock (90 000 cattle at least).

(Actually, one report I have found says that the Thames was frozen sufficiently for such 1st-4th January; this would imply that the spell starting 7th was immediately preceded by a 'milder' spell of a few days, with December being cold.



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