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Scheer performed all female voices in Spike TV's humorous game show MXC (she was credited as portraying Everygirl).In season four, she became MXC's supervising producer.She is best known as one of the original cast members of the sketch comedy series MADtv and for playing Freddie's mother, Marissa Benson, on i Carly.She also played Alice the Zookeeper on The Penguins of Madagascar.The magic stone I can't quite remember if it was referred to as a jewel, gem, gemstone, or anything specific.

At one point, the male protag looks into his wife's mind and sees her memory of being sexually assaulted.

Besides onscreen appearances, Scheer has become a voice actress, lending her voice to numerous commercials and several animated projects like Family Guy and King of the Hill.

Scheer's voice also appears in the animated feature film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Other impersonations include Barbra Streisand in the MADtv spoof video "Terms Of Imprisonment", where she portrays Streisand as an egomaniac who abuses her co-star, Whitney Houston and Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully in the "XXX Files" sketch.


During the second season, Scheer became visibly pregnant and continued to perform on the show.

After leaving MADtv, she appeared in the films Elvira's Haunted Hills, The New Women Chump Change, and It Can Always Get Worse Kathy from 2001-05.


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