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4540, for work on the navy schooners Dispatch and Advice; and draught no.

4541, for supplementing the building of the Dispatch and Advice.

Moresby House, or HMS Malabar, is being restored and will be office space, the Sail Loft has been restored and will also be available for use after the Americas Cup.

The old Police Barracks is enjoying a new life as home to Artemis Racing, one of the teams taking part in the Americas Cup.

Bermuda-built sloops - similar to the one shown above - had unique advantages.

Their construction from Bermuda cedar ensured they were durable and resistant to shipworm.

As well as major work, Wedco has tended to less obvious projects including roof upgrades, asbestos removal and electrical, plumbing and painting work.

North Basin Building #10 the Canvas Shop on Smithery Lane, has been restored over a four-month period and North Basin Building #14 West End Yachts on Camber Road, has been restored.


One such Bermuda-built schooner established her own special claim to fame in 1805.

We are investing an enormous sum of money and we will see the transformation or protection of many buildings.


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