Market segmentation online dating


We need mainstream as well as niche services attending to different market segments and user needs.So, while the dating industry continues to flourish, I predict that we will start to see the number of dating platforms decrease over the next year.In the UK alone, there are more than one thousand different online dating services.As the industry continues its impressive growth, we need to see consolidation in the market.Online dating has been around for more than 20 years - meeting a partner online is not a new concept.However, having thousands of dating platforms lacking scale or with similar propositions isn’t logical, nor is it healthy.As we move towards a consolidated industry, we will see a major shift in the free app economy – as, quite frankly, current models are not sustainable.

There is an increased sense of credibility associated with brands that provide more expensive services.

Established companies including are successfully getting people to pay for premium value-added online services.

Although there will always be free alternatives, these are no longer as appealing.

Consolidation benefits consumers, dating companies and investors.

Going ‘Mobile’ In recent years, we have already seen the online dating industry’s rapid shift to mobile.

Premium Price Models in Digital Business People are ever more willing to make larger online purchases via their mobile phones.


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