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Rake worries whether speaking out will help or hurt his chances at a reduced sentence.But he takes comfort in telling his story in the hopes that some other hapless teenager out there doesn’t get suckered into a sting operation like he did.He described her profile to the Free Thought Project as having “posted wanting and asking for pills” and said she “made assumptions to me that we would be able to hook up”.“I asked her multiple times if she was a cop or associated with any law enforcement agency and she kept saying ‘no,’” he said, regretting the day he ever connected with her online. “They had a body cam and turned it on and off at crucial moments when I said important things and made it look like they had done nothing wrong!“My dumb ass believed her,” Rake said, lamenting the whole ordeal which eventually led to his arrest.“She even said she’d pay me for whatever I found and I kept telling her I didn’t know where anything was but that I would look around,” he said indicating he wasn’t a drug dealer at all, just a guy looking to hook up with a girl he met online. “I found some morphine pills and took them to her and she met up with me and came up to my car window and asked for the pills I showed her then she tossed the money in my lap and started to walk off,” he said, not knowing the woman was an undercover police officer.“I asked, ‘I thought we were going to hang out? ”It takes a truly callous and depraved person to prey upon the loneliness of an individual in order to dupe them into finding them drugs just to bust them. Rake feels entrapped by the police actions of that fateful night. He doesn’t think it is right for the police to pretend to be a pretty girl in order to tempt teenagers into committing illegal activities.He was never charged with any other crime and says he doesn’t know why he cannot get any leniency from the courts. His father was a pastor of a Lutheran Church for many years in Maryville.He says his dad was very upset with the fact that the police department lured him into providing pills to a stranger he met online.“Being lonely kinda screws with your head sometimes,” Rake said regretting the whole ordeal.“So I’m going [to go to prison] for about 20 years on January 20th,” Rake told The Free Thought Project.Rake was indicted on charges of possession of Morphine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.


As The Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, the War on Drugs catches all types in its dragnet.

This will not be tolerated.”According to the Advocate and Democrat News’ official story of the sting operation, “the streets of Monroe County and its municipalities saw a lot of drugs removed last week as an operation that began in February culminated with 72 indictments being handed down and arrests made from one end of the county to another.”One of those indicted was Cameron Mc Kenzie Rake of Maryville, TN.


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