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    The New Year began on a rather bizarre note for the Indian male libido. It seems the principal cattle slaughterhouse in Goa is closed and there are huge bureaucratic hurdles put in the way of importing beef from other states 1511 words. Goa: Beef traders' strike enters Day 3 click here Video: Goa 365 TV. Pirhonen, in a press note, stated 'We think Felix was poisoned and killed by the Goan man, or the Goan man was hired to bring Felix to his killers.' 'We think the circumstances around Felix's death show that it was not a simple natural death, but a planned murder.

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    Lionel knows Scott’s playboy ways and he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt,” the source said.

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    See more » Jen and her department of IT "professionals" continue their unrewarded and unrewarding careers deep in the basement of Denholm Enterprises.

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