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Ramirez worked as a car mechanic and did odd jobs while in Los Angeles. Serial killer who single-handedly committed the most number of murders in a single day - 8.

He was the 7th of 8 children born to Robert Speck and Gladys Sterner.

Summer is known for her principal roles as Autumn in "The Little Things", as Summer in "Shadow" & for her role as Anna in "The Best Medicine"... She trained as a dancer from her early age at the Children's Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Erdenetuya Batsukh, better known as Elle, is married to Steven Seagal. After her graduation from high school and the Children's Palace, she pursued a career as a professional dancer...

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Sebagian cuma mau mencari teman baru yang asyik untuk diajak ngobrol hal-hal random dan nongkrong bareng.Where else would I be running into female Doctors, Harvard Law Students, Harvard MBAs, Pharmacists, [insert impressive crap here] than a bar in an expensive area like Boston or NYC? There will always be ugly/desperate people everywhere.Yep, this is the other reason I decided to create a profile and see what happens. Online, you have more of an ability to filter past those you don't want. Good for you if you've ever had a long term relationship with someone you met in a bar outside of college. If you want a girl who reads, date a girl you meet in a bookstore.

Is it a Friday/Saturday, or a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday? So you meet a girl at a bar and you asked for her GPA and annual pay?Now, you are viewing the list of famous people named Ric.


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