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Imagine for a second, two men, both looking at you. One of them is stoney-faced; he may as well be looking at paint samples as looking at you. Which one of them seems friendly to you, and which one seems like he might be considering whether he wants to beat you into a fleshy cube?Now realize that this is Related to body language is touch and spatial awareness.and women are – in their immediate circle who has been threatened, taken advantage of or assaulted… Because the stakes are much higher for women than they are for men, women are more sensitized to these little hints, which can lead to false-positives.That guy who stares too hard and lingers around her long after he’s worn out his welcome may not actually intend to make her uncomfortable, but she has no way of knowing this; it’s far safer to allow for the wrong impression than it is to ignore the signs when someone actually Guys – who don’t have to do this mental calculus on an almost hourly basis – are frequently unaware of this issue.You need to be aware of how close you are to people – especially women – and how this makes people feel.There are certain zones of personal space; the outer edges are known as public space, while the closer you come you pass through the social space, then into increasingly intimate personal space.To avoid being creepy, learn to avoid giving women the full frontal; angle your body away from theirs, or even address them from your side or over the shoulder.

This is especially true if you’re broad or tall; you may think you’re being direct or confident, but you’re coming across as overbearing and threatening.

This week, we’re going to take that knowledge and examine how you can put it to practical use.



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