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Those looking for more amenities may enjoy hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel in the area, which has rooms starting at 5.

Climate can have an important impact on rehab patients as well because weather has been shown to impact mood and other aspects of health.

Camarillo, California is home to numerous parks, outdoor activities, and a mild climate that makes it very appealing to people from a variety of backgrounds.

For those struggling with substance abuse who realize that they need to enter rehab, selecting the right location for treatment can be very important.

Patients should always consider the weather and their personal preferences when looking at a location.

Camarillo has relatively consistent temperatures year round, with the coolest month being March with an average high of 65 degrees F.


The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department in Oxnard is less than 10 miles from the city and offers outpatient addiction treatment as well as day treatment.

Finding gainful employment after rehab is an important step in gaining stability and reintegrating with society.


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