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Have you ever felt like you were having déjà vu in your dreams?If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.One amazing way that God can speak to us is through our dreams at night.


More often than not, dreams that involve running can be frightening.As I give meanings to some of these common dreams, realize that I am generalizing. Dreams that involve flying without the use of an airplane are usually very positive—depending on the context.There may be more details to your dream, so this is only the basic meaning for most of them. They indicate you have a high degree of creativity, you have the ability to rise above circumstances, and you are possibly maturing spiritually.This interpretation can also be applied to dreams when we are not able to speak or cry out for help.

This can indicate there are dark forces working against you.That is why teeth coming loose or falling out means that you are in need of direction, wisdom or advice. Most of the time, it is not a literal dream but symbolic.


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