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But as the pair sleep together, is Stacey set to leave her husband and family for a man who seems to provide more excitement?

Max touched a nerve when he suggested that Stacey had lost her edge of fun and risk and when old sparks started to fly, they ended up in each others’ arms on the floor of the living room floor.

As Brenda questions her and Bob further, will they crack and confess what happened between them?

Or can they put Brenda off the scent and keep their guilty liaison a secret?

There’s a lot of history between Max and Stacey and it remains to be seen whether this is the beginning of another affair or whether Stacey will put a stop to Max’s hopes of a reunion.* Brandon hooks up his new girlfriend with a sweet pad by using his Juilliard money for the deposit. Reports from the Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale said Florida State officials named him as one of the ‘johns’ of a busted escort service.Laurel is taken aback when Brenda confronts her, voicing her concerns that something is going on between them and Laurel denies it, instead trying to come up with an innocent explanation.

Brenda isn’t buying it though and presses her for answers, making Laurel sweat.While Bob and Laurel agreed to keep things quiet, Laurel’s admission to the police has complicated things and it has led to the pair communicating about their mistake once again.


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