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This was an interesting hybrid, fed by the online discussions that have opened the critical conversation in recent years, but still asserting the old authoritarian style which liked to keep men and women separate.

In November 2015, the Abbey Theatre announced its schedule for the commemorative year of the 1916 Rising, which contained nine plays by men and one by a woman.

The cat, female and probably white, is the secret sensuality of the ascetic life; not in the monastery garden, or out in the bog, but sitting in its proper, bounded place.

Or the mat is Ireland itself, if this is not too much of a stretch, in the age of saints and scholars, that golden, undivided time before the Norman invasion, in which case the cat could be anything at all: the playful cipher, sitting on a very inert, territorial mat.

The figures were up 10 per cent at the , which despite some all-male weeks in October still came in ahead at 40 per cent.

This matches, more or less, what we know about the gender balance in published books. A study based on the online Hathi- Trust library shows that nearly 40 per cent of fiction is currently written by women.

The poem ‘Women’s Christmas’ is actually about male anxiety, which made its publication to mark that day feel a bit of a con.


A poem, ‘Women’s Christmas’, was also printed in the books section.A later search revealed that there were two single paragraphs in the paperback round-up.


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