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Unlike, say, blowout losses that Ohio State has suffered, which don't seem to be a thing.

Points out that a blowout win could give the committee something to consider. "The issue came when they lost to Michigan State," Joey says.

It's 15-11: Notre Dame at 15, UCF at 14, Washington at 13, Stanford at 12, TCU at 11.

: Memphis at 20, Oklahoma State is at 19, Washington State is at 18 and LSU is at 17. "All those three-loss teams ahead of Memphis." Which is silly, but whatever. They were never going to make the playoff but going up one spot to 14 after beating South Florida is hardly a consolation prize.

"The protocol is the guidelines that the conference commissioners provided to us, and they have given us great flexibility," Kirby says. But he was saying conference championships, SOS, common opponents, etc.


But as Jesse points out, Ohio State had a better resume last year.

He wants to see if the committee has the stones to put Auburn No.


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