Updating your fireplace

Here are six small-scale projects you can complete with leftover Stikwood just in time for your holiday guests to arrive.For information on these publications, contact the author or Joanne Littlefield, Director, Extension Outreach and Engagement. Select publications are available in Spanish, click here to see the list.It isn’t high-end, big, or trendy – just a house that has all the components to fit with my personal style. If you can ice a cupcake and cut a French baguette in half with a bread knife then you have all the skills you need to create a stone façade just about anywhere in your home.The DIY project I completed for this post is getting that “house in my head” a little closer to reality. I gathered all the pamphlets to read when I got home.If you have been following my blog for awhile you may recall decorating photos that I have posted about what I call the “House In My Head”.It is the house I envision as the “perfect for me” house. I watched the video on the display and smiled big time – a stone fireplace could be mine and no stone mason or special skills needed – plus I could afford it on my limited decorating budget!UPDATE: I recently moved to a new home and made over the fireplace in the new house.This post originally appeared on here back in 2012 from Monica from East Coast Creative and is by far in the top 5 posts on Infarrantly Creative.

If you get adhesive on a stone – use a wet rag and warm water to clean it off.I went to the comes in 3 different edges – Natural Edge – use where the side of the stone will be exposed. There are also wide stones in each box so that you can create a realistic stone facade. Remove the stones from the boxes so they can acclimate to the air temperature as well as allow you to see the variety of shades in each box.



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