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@thechemicalbrothers know how to get this cast on its FEET...

grade were assigned to go on a date -- and got pointers over how boys and girls needed to act.

She’s battled rumors that claim she’s dating a slew of actors (including Kit Harington), but actually, Clarke has an established “dating rule.” We feel for you, girl.

While we don’t necessarily know what it’s like to only have actors at our dating disposal, we do know the grind of only ever meeting people in our profession or small social circle — which can make dating, well, that she’s dated other people, yet the internet was only aware of her relationship with Mac Farlane.

From a relationship she had when she first started out her career in 2007 to her long-term BFs, here's a look at Demi's love life.

As for Markle's status as a divorcee — she was married for almost two years to producer Trevor Engelson — Prince Charles biographer Sally Bedell Smith says that it likely won't affect her standing in the eyes of the queen.“The Queen is remarkably open-minded and she’s very tolerant,” she says.

When you’re a queen and the Mother of Dragons, dating can be hard.


School district officials said they spoke to the teacher, who was said to have been mortified and regretted any harm she may have caused, FOX13 reported.

The assignment came in a required “adult roles and financial literacy class” on Monday, FOX13 reported.



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