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A good 16.4 million people in Germany have a migratory background.Germany is now among those nations with the most liberal immigration rules.Dear User of facts-about-germany.de, Already familiar with the Newsletter on facts-about-germany.de?We regularly bring you up to speed – on updates, new content and new services on the homepage. The 2014 United Nations’ Human Develop-ment Index (HDI) puts Germany sixth out of a total of 187 countries.Germany’s path to a liberal constitutional democracy and a functioning parliamentary system involved many historical ruptures: particularism in the early years of the Modern age, the failure of the March Revolution and the Weimar Republic through to the “flaw in history” caused by National Socialism.The project had three objectives: 1) to identify differences and commonalties between children’s identity formation and parents’ expectations and perceptions of this; 2) to assess the impact of religious socialisation (formal and informal) and religious education on young people’s religious identity and their response; 3) to inform theoretical debate in religious studies and religious education on the representation of ‘faith communities’/’religious’ in syllabuses.The research questions explored the importance of several factors (gender, parents’ commitment, education, socio-economic status, locality, religious calendars, perceptions of faith) in young people’s faith development and how they and their parents represented these.

For the purpose of this research, families in which mother and father came from any combination of Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh faith backgrounds were ‘mixed-faith families’.With the changes to the energy sector, referred to as the Energy Reform, Germany is leaving the age of fossil and nuclear energy clearly behind it and heading fast for a future that hinges on sustainable energy sources. The reforms of recent years have taken effect, research has a more international focus than ever before.



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