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Who doesn’t want to be made to feel like they’re flying on the bow of a ship (even a doomed one) while Leonardo Di Caprio holds you and then kisses you with the reckless abandon that only a passenger from steerage can? Will we hate it and never want to call this person again? Some of this anxiety is due in part to wonderful movies that give us our starry eyed notions of the perfect first kiss.A fact that eventually culminates in a totally “awwww”-inducing honest conversation about it and an amazing first kiss at the very end of the day.Blue is the Warmest Color Everything about this kiss was so sweet and lovely and perfect.Never Been Kissed Drew Barrymore as Josie Geller gets a do-over at high school as an undercover reporter—a fantasy many of us wouldn’t mind indulging sometimes. The Princess Bride This movie is synonymous with sweet romance; and all the more so because of the narration.She not only stands up to the school mean girls, but she also falls in love with a guy who gives her a meaningful and genuine confidence boost, and later her first real kiss that she’s been waiting for her whole life. A kiss that starts as sweetly hesitant and quickly becomes super passionate. While Westley and Buttercup are about to share an incredibly romantic first kiss, it cuts back to Peter Falk and Fred Savage, with Savage getting grossed out that his grandfather would deign to read him a “kissing book.” It contributes to the overall innocence and sweetness to the love story.In this movie she not only gets to be best friends with Kerry Washington-the fabulous future Olivia Pope-she dances and romances with future OP’s brother, Derek.Derek is the first person she’s able to open up to about her heartbreak and guilt over the death of her mother and her dream to attend Juilliard.



It’s that time of the year again – the dreaded V-Day.Angelina Jolie spends a great deal of the film aggressively throwing herself at Ryan Philippe to no avail.He finally admits that his last girlfriend gave him HIV and he will never again be capable of a relationship or love.Later, Rachel finally admits that she’s in love with Luce, leading to a highly-anticipated kiss in her flower shop. The two of them have an incredible night playing Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade that’s equally as adorable as their first kiss.

Now and Then Christina Ricci is the tough tomboy Roberta and Devon Sawa is Scott of the dreaded Wormer family, who constantly taunts and pranks all of Roberta’s friends.

He teaches her dance moves for her Juilliard audition, takes her to the ballet and they share an incredibly romantic kiss at the end of the night.



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    John wrote to those who were “kings and priests” (Revelation 1.6).

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    This is the average amount of time it takes from you submitting your order with a merchant to the cashback amount appearing as “pending” in your earnings within your top cashback Account.

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    After exiting the Marines, he began playing country music in various bars throughout Montgomery; one of his first gigs was opening for David Allan Coe.

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    Incidentally, the above mythology went a long way to explaining away pregnant nuns in the Middle Ages without destroying their virtues.

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